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Pin with Hanging Details Red

Pin with Hanging Details Red

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Stainless Steel, Crystals, Artificial Pearls

Exclusively for Miray Collections

Made in Armenia

Lucie Poghosyan - ForMe Accessories

Lucie Poghosyan has been born and raised in Spitak. Being a daughter of a tailor, she was always surrounding by fabrics, suing items, fashion magazines and women talking about clothing and how to look nice and famine. Since her childhood she was imaging herself as the one dedicated to the creation of beauty. Lucie moved to Yerevan in 2001 to study fashion design. After her graduation she worked in fashion industry for several years. Her first steps were connected with Paris, the very heart of fashion. This was a good experience and meanwhile a learning process. Later on she moved to Moscow in 2007 and did both creative and technical work in Image Code fashion atelier.

After a year journey Lucie moved back to Yerevan and continued her personal growth not only in the professional field but also in the retail and marketing.

All the gained experience in fashion, design, retail business and marketing helped Lucie to create ForMe accessories brand in 2011. After several changes and experiments the brand officially has been marked in 2018 thanks to handmade floral brooches.

Besides being an artistic idea maker and creator of ForMe items currently Lucie is working in retail industry and lecturing a fashion design.

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