Lusanet Collective Opens Space for Creative Collaboration By David Laurell - August 23, 2023
Join the celebration of Lusanet Collective's remarkable one-year journey in Burbank News! From inspiring stories to community impact, Ashley Erikson captures the essence of this milestone anniversary. Explore a year of growth, creativity, and shared moments
Publication at Armenian Weekly about Lusanet Collective Founders Anet Abnous & Lusine Simonyan
Both Anet and Lucy are members of the Female Founders Collective & 10th House Co-Founded by Rebecca Minkoff. Their life motto is to support small businesses, especially women entrepreneurs.
Lusanet Collective Offers Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts
2023 ‘Sip and Shop’ Throws Holiday Festivities Into Full Swing
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Lusanet Collective Puts Art in the Heart of Downtown