About us

Lusanet Collective is a creative hub and retail space launched by Lusine Simonyan and Anet Abnous, two business owners with a vision of connecting founders and creators with opportunities to network, create, and promote their businesses through every stage of development and growth.

 As entrepreneurs themselves, Lusine and Anet have encountered the highs and lows of transforming their passions into professional pursuits and possess a variety of experiences gained by developing, launching, and expanding their own businesses. With those experiences in mind, Lusanet Collective aims to resolve the challenges faced by small and growing businesses.

Featuring a retail space that showcases items for sale, Lusanet Collective also seeks to serve the creative community as an idea-exchange platform, a resource bank, an exhibition venue, and, most importantly, a gathering of like-minded creative professionals who will come together as part of a nurturing and encouraging environment focused on business development and professional and personal growth.

Through monthly pop-ups and curated events, members of the collective, which will include artists, designers, and business owners, will gain access to new audiences and critical resources that will elevate their businesses and brands and enable them to discover new partnerships with investors, manufacturers, and developers. As the community grows, the collective will foster the personal connections that will support, empower, and guide business owners as they discover the endless opportunities available to them.





Lusine Simonyan

Lucine Simonyan - Lusanet Collective

In 2019, Lusine Simonyan launched Miray Collections, an online marketplace that represents more than 40 Armenian artists, fashion designers, and jewelry makers from around the world. Miray Collections is driven by Lusine’s personal passion and vision for empowering artists and bringing their high-quality, one-of-a-kind creations crafted from natural and sustainable materials to a global market. Beyond a retail endeavor that engages consumers with Armenian goods, Lusine views Miray Collections as an opportunity for Armenian creatives—especially women—to discover their own potential and opportunities for growth as both artists and entrepreneurs. Lusine is a senior tax accountant in Los Angeles, California, and the first person of Armenian heritage to be appointed by the Burbank City Council to serve on the city’s Cultural Arts Commission.

Lusine has a Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance from French University in Armenia and recently she was nominated for the 32nd Annual Women Achievers Award.


Anet Abnous

Anet Abnous - Lusanet Collective

Anet Abnous is the creative director and CEO of Anet’s Collection, an art-inspired fashion and accessories company based in Burbank, California. The daughter of a notable tailor, Anet developed an eye for wearable art that tells a story from a young age. Since 2015, Anet’s Collection, which features scarves printed with her art and jewelry inspired by Armenian cultural icons, has been represented by European showrooms, museum gift shops, and retail stores. Anet’s background in luxury retail and visual styling has contributed to her innovative and inspiring designs. She has exhibited her work in local and international juried exhibitions and, in 2005, she co-curated the first exhibition of Armenian women artists in New York City. Throughout her career, Anet has also contributed her expertise and networking skills to support fundraising efforts at many nonprofit organizations. 

Anet has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from CUNY—Queens College and holds a Business Certificate from the Bank of America Institute for Women's Entrepreneurship at Cornell University through Grant from Tory Burch Foundation.