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Lusanet Membership

Daily Event Membership

Daily Event Membership

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Membership Details for Daily Pop-Up Event:

This package is designed for events with four or more vendors, combining multiple activities into one dynamic experience.

  • Event Duration:

    • Membership includes participation in daily pop-up events with a minimum duration of 3 hours.
  • Setup Facilities:

    • Participants are provided with a 4-5 feet table for showcasing their items or a clothing rack.
  • Sales Management:

    • We handle all sales transactions and manage the register on behalf of the participants.
  • Commission Structure:

    • The event organizer retains a 25% commission on all sales made during the pop-up.
  • Preparation Requirements:

    • Participants are required to bring their items with SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and price tags ready for display and sale.
  • Setup Time:

    • Participants are encouraged to arrive 1-2 hours before the scheduled event start time to set up their tables effectively.
  • Social Media Exposure:

    • Your brand will be announced on our social media channels, gaining exposure to our audience.
  • Online Promotion:

    • Information about your participation will be posted on our social media platforms, increasing visibility for your brand.
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