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Mystique Woods

Mystique Woods

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Mystique Woods is a green and amber aroma that captures a magical forest and flora at rest as it waits for the light. This romantic scent is a surprising layering of bright grapefruit, rose, oud and musk, complemented by bergamot, saffron, jasmine, nutmeg and leather. This candle captures warmth, sweet and spice that is delicately intertwined with earthy and musky undertones.

  • Top note: Grapefruit
  • Mid note: Rose, Oud
  • Base note: Musk
  • 8 oz fill 

“Our faith can move mountains.

At L’Aurage our candles are made with an all-natural soy-coconut blend and infused with high quality fragrance. Each eleven-ounce jar is filled with 8 ounces of luxury fragrance infused wax and natural cotton/paper wick that ensures a slow, steady, clean and consistent burn that maximizes the impact of the fragrance’s strength and beauty.

With a burn time of more than 50 hours, this allows our distinct fragrance compositions to disperse through the home for longer. All of our products are crafted by hand and in small batches.

Once our candles have fully burned, the jars can be reused by simply cleaning them with soap and water.

8 oz fill candle

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