Celebrity Chef Carla Hall Shines Spotlight on Small Female-Owned Businesses

Celebrity Chef Carla Hall Shines Spotlight on Small Female-Owned Businesses

On February 28th, the Lusanet Collective in Burbank received an unexpected and delightful visit from none other than celebrity chef Carla Hall. Known for her infectious energy and culinary prowess, Carla Hall wasn't just passing by; she specifically sought out our store after a Google search for luxury scarves and gift shops. Being the first choice that popped up on her search was a proud moment for us, but what followed was even more extraordinary.

Carla's surprise visit to Lusanet was not merely a casual browse; she came with a purpose—to support small, female-founded businesses. And that's precisely what she did. With keen eyes and a discerning taste, Carla perused our collection and made purchases from not just one, but three remarkable businesses, all of which were founded by talented women from Armenia.

Her first choice was a stunning silk twill scarf from Anet's Collection, a local Armenian accessory and jewelry brand. What made this scarf particularly special was its Armenian Initial double A motif, adding a personal touch to Carla's ensemble. From there, she moved on to select another exquisite scarf, this time from Lilit Melikyan's brand, also hailing from Armenia. Each piece in Lilit's collection tells a story, weaving together traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

But Carla's shopping spree didn't end there. She also couldn't resist a striking leather and Swarovski crystal ring from Antar Brand, yet another gem from Armenia. With its blend of elegance and edge, the ring perfectly complemented Carla's eclectic style.

leather and Swarovski crystal handmade ring from Armenia sold at Lusanet Collective  Carla Hall & Kamala Harris wearing Anet's Collection silk scarf designed by Anet Abnous

What made Carla's visit even more thrilling was the unexpected surprise that followed. A few days later, we were stunned to see Carla Hall's picture on social media, proudly sporting the silk twill scarf she purchased from Anet's Collection. The setting? None other than the Vice President's residence, where Vice President Kamala Harris was honoring luminaries and innovators from 70 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). To see our product adorning someone as influential as Carla Hall in such a momentous event filled us with pride and gratitude.

Carla's gesture went beyond a simple purchase; it was a testament to her commitment to uplift and amplify small businesses, especially those led by women. By showcasing Anet's Collection scarf at such a prestigious event, Carla not only elevated our brand but also brought attention to the craftsmanship and creativity of Armenian artisans.

For us at Lusanet Collective, Carla Hall's visit was more than just a celebrity encounter. It was a validation of our mission to provide a platform for emerging designers and entrepreneurs, particularly those from underrepresented communities. To have someone of Carla's stature recognize and celebrate the work of these talented women is an affirmation of the impact small businesses can have on a global scale.

In a world where big names often dominate the spotlight, Carla Hall's gesture serves as a reminder of the power of individuals to make a difference. By choosing to support small, female-founded businesses like ours, Carla exemplifies the spirit of community and empowerment. We are immensely grateful for her patronage and the attention she has brought to our corner of the world.

As we continue our journey, fueled by passion and dedication, we carry with us the memory of Carla Hall's visit as a source of inspiration. With each sale, each interaction, we strive to uphold the values of inclusivity, creativity, and excellence that she embodies. And who knows? Perhaps one day, another unexpected visitor will walk through our doors, eager to discover the treasures waiting to be found within the walls of Lusanet Collective.

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