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Vayreni Burns

Black Walnut Cheese Board with Red

Black Walnut Cheese Board with Red

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New October Design
Solid black walnut 24” x 10” cheese board and charcuterie platter with unique Lichtenberg fractal wood burns that include beautiful color contrasts on this Vayreni board. 

100% ALL NATURAL: Solid piece of black walnut.

KNIFE-FRIENDLY SURFACE: The soft grains of walnut wood make it a cutting surface that won’t dull your knives.

PRESEASONED THE RIGHT WAY: Each board is finished with a food grade mineral oil enriched with vitamin E, giving you a cutting surface free of any unnatural ingredients so you can use right after you receive it!

MADE IN THE USA – Crafted right here in Los Angeles, CA. Each board is proudly hand made by a true wood-working artisan leaving the final product with a silky smooth finish. 

Easy to Clean:
1) Wash with soap and water or wipe with damp cloth 
2) Let dry

To maintain the deep luster of walnut, apply mineral oil, leave on for 10 mins & wipe excess.
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