Perks of Being part of Lusanet Collective

      • Enhance your retail space experience in the thriving Downtown Burbank – a renowned hub for media and entertainment worldwide.

        • Benefit from extensive media exposure, including invitations to esteemed newspaper editors and press releases.
        • Explore valuable publication opportunities to amplify your presence.
        • Enjoy a professionally curated space with a sophisticated setup.
        • Establish a robust online presence, offering complementary exhibition promotion and additional online exposure for a monthly fee of $100, with a 25% commission on sales during other periods.
        • Leverage the expansive reach of the Lusanet Collective Mailing List and Newsletter to maximize exposure.
        • Gain brand representation and drive sales through our dedicated website.
        • Capitalize on the power of social media with strategic posts, expanding your reach and driving sales.
        • Utilize email and text marketing to engage and inform your target audience effectively.
        • Benefit from a team of highly trained sales representatives who excel in providing exceptional customer service.
        • Experience the grandeur of the Opening Sip & Shop Night, attracting a discerning clientele.
        • Collaborate with various non-profit organizations to host group shopping events and fundraisers, fostering community engagement.
        • Tap into valuable networking opportunities with fellow vendors to forge beneficial connections.
        • Showcase your products effectively through our customizable window display options, complimentary with three-week packages.
        • Avail yourself of convenient hard fixtures and hangers included in the rental.
        • Make use of our 30" x 30" jewelry table, 60" rack, and accessory shelf unit accommodating up to 35 SKUs. Additionally, the space can accommodate art pieces of varying sizes to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

        Costs For 2D Visual Artists of the Month 

    • Summary of Services Included in Becoming a Member of Collective as Visual Artist of the Month:

      1. Solo Art Opening Night: As a member, you have the opportunity to host your own solo art opening night, where you can showcase your work to a targeted audience.

      2. Group Art Exhibition: Alternatively, you can choose to participate in a group art exhibition organized by Collective, allowing you to display your artwork alongside other talented artists.

      3. Live Instagram Introduction: Collective will host a live session on Instagram to introduce you and your artwork to their followers. This gives you a chance to engage with a wider audience and make connections.

      4. Promotional Outreach: Your opening night will be promoted through various channels. This includes sharing the event through SMS/MMS messages to 1000 text subscribers, announcements on the Collective's website, and emails sent to their 10,000-strong email marketing list. These promotional efforts aim to maximize exposure for your art throughout the entire month.

      5. Financial Responsibility: As an artist, you are responsible for a $200 set up and installation fee, which covers the necessary arrangements for your exhibition. Additionally, Collective will retain a 40% commission from any sales made during the exhibition.

      By joining Collective as the Visual Artist of the Month, you gain access to a platform that not only provides exhibition opportunities but also offers promotional support to help you reach a wider audience and potentially increase art sales.

      Costs For Product Base Founders 

    • We have 3 Packages to choose from with details below
    • $400 a week pop-up includes Meet the Founder and social exposure
    • $800 2 weeks pop up includes Meet the Founder, Social exposure, MMS and email marketing  
    • $1600 a month Pop-up /Full package
    • $100 a month for website membership & sale including inclusion in newsletters and social marketing.

    Summary of Services Included in Becoming a Member of Collective Meet the Founder Event:

    1. Exclusive Event: Attend the Collective Meet the Founder event and interact with other founders.
    2. Wine and Small Bits: Enjoy complimentary wine and small bites during the event.
    3. Social Media Exposure: Get a dedicated social media post introducing you as the founder of your business.
    4. Live Instagram Session: Participate in a live Instagram session where you can share your story and connect with a wider audience.
    5. SMS/MMS Exposure: Reach out to 1000 text subscribers through SMS or MMS messages, giving your brand additional visibility.
    6. Email Marketing: Promote your business to a targeted audience of 10,000 subscribers through email marketing.
    7. Networking Opportunity: Connect and mingle with other founders, fostering valuable relationships and potential collaborations.
    8. Business Support: Receive assistance with pricing, manufacturing, and packaging, if needed.
    9. Celebrity Photo Shoot: Get a chance to showcase your products in a photo shoot featuring celebrities, event planners, and small fashion shows.

    These services aim to provide exposure, networking opportunities, and support to founders, helping them to grow their businesses and establish valuable connections within the industry.

    Vendor Requirement:

    • Payment upon signing the contract
    • Professional white background product images in square format
    • Up to 15 images for inclusion on online store
    • Jewelry display items for physical store